The future’s right in front of you 

Whilst a new year is a wonderful way to mark a new beginning, it can be easy to forget that our future starts in every present moment. As we move forward with our dreams and goals, we should hold onto that. If you find yourself driven off course, turn the steering wheel and push the accelerator. If you find yourself falling backwards, pick yourself up. Our obstacles and mistakes shouldn’t mean we give up. In the end, we’re only on one journey: our life. Don’t waste time waiting for the next best time to start again, and don’t waste time doubting yourself. Because time isn’t stopping. Keep going. Our future is in our own hands right now. Don’t waste the time you have left.

Thought of the Day: Mondays

Monday quote

Mondays are akin to routine, work and lethargy. We cross the days off our calendars in relief that we’re one day closer to the weekend. But with that, we also pay a price: life slowly passes us by until we don’t even realise it. We begin wishing away our life and wasting away our days, because we’re constantly looking ahead. But every day holds a piece of happiness for us to take a bite out of. We might not be able to do what we love around the clock. But until we can, we can at least start doing more of what we love and try loving more of what we do. Why would you wait til the weekend? Happiness starts today, even on a Monday.



Three ways we waste our time

time steve jobs quote

Our time is so precious. Although we make mistakes, there are ways we waste our time that we could be more conscious of:

  1. We do not persist – Nothing worth having will come easily, because there’s a lot trying to trip us up: procrastination, fears, anxieties. But we all have purpose. We all have dreams. And we should pursue them, no matter what. Don’t waste the opportunity to live the life you want to.
  2. We try to mould ourselves – Instead of embracing all parts of ourselves, we try to hide parts away, place ourselves into categories, and fit into what others want or like. But if that means we have to deny who we are, can we really ever be happy? Don’t waste time trying to be someone you’re not or living someone else’s life.
  3. We are afraid of change – There isn’t anything more certain than change. And change can be scary. But change means adapting, evolving, growing. It’s what keeps life interesting and what keeps us moving forward. Nobody wants to be stuck in the same place forever. Don’t be afraid of change. Invite it into your life.

What else do you think we waste our time on?


Thought of the Day: The Price

Price quote

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. Our lives are made up of our investments: what we invest our time and energy into. We sometimes pay the price and other times we add value to our investments. And a lot of the time, we will see a similar return. If we invest in hate over love, in the past over the future, in negativity over positivity, and so on, we’ll often find that that will come back to us. Sometimes we make mistakes, and that’s ok. But let’s be conscious of what we’re investing into. Because we want to live life, not waste it. So choose wisely.


Thought of the Day: Energy

good energy quote

Energy is everything. Where we invest our energy and where we waste our energy defines who we are and determines the places we go. And it’s not always easy to see whether we’re investing or wasting. Sometimes it’s a matter of perspective. But we’ve still got to be conscious of our energy. If we soak in negative energy, it will weigh us down. If we feed ourselves negative energy, it will consume us. If we circulate negative energy, it will fester in the world, only to create a downward spiral. But if we soak in positive energy, feed ourselves positive energy, and circulate positive energy, we send out love and faith in life to both ourselves and the world. Energy is contagious. Use it wisely.