Thought of the Day: Wanting

the cards we're dealt

We will never have everything we want. Partly because the concept of ‘want’ is ever-changing for each of us – once we have something we want, we’re often already focusing on the next thing we want. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting. That’s what keeps our hearts pumping. How we perceive our journey to those desires, yearnings, and passions is more problematic. Because the world doesn’t owe us any favours. We cannot expect everything to fall into our hands. And we cannot expect what we do have already to stay in our back pockets. We have to use our hands to work for those desires and also nurture those treasures we already have. It might be frustrating, unfair, difficult. But we have to work hard to earn the right to take and keep. Play with the cards you’ve been dealt with. You can win.

(Image: Pinterest)