Don’t live half-heartedly

You owe it to yourself, the world, the power that created you, to live. That means doing your best, expressing gratitude, enjoying yourself, letting go of what hurts you, focusing on the moment, spreading the love, challenging your fears, being yourself. It looks different for everyone but it’s guided by the same principles. Don’t live half-heartedly. Live passionately, enthusiastically, sincerely, generously, and to the fullest.


Admit it to yourself

Denying feelings

One of the greatest services we can offer ourselves is admitting our feelings, if only to ourselves. To admit when we’re wrong. To admit what we love. To admit when we’re unhappy. To admit the harsh facts. To admit when we feel uncomfortable. To admit when something feels right. To admit when we feel scared. To admit who we’d rather be. Denial might be a quick relief to the stress of something we don’t want to admit, but all we’re doing is burying our feelings. It can’t last. We won’t ever feel ready. It might be too late. And the last person we should be kidding is ourselves. We’re meant to feel. It’s the only way we can do what’s best for us, and that’s the only way we’ll survive. So just take a deep breath and lift up the barriers.


Pay attention to who you’re becoming

Jim Rohn quote

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you’ll have to live. Take care of your soul. It’s the only thing you’ll have to live with.

We all make rash decisions in moments of anger. We all build upon bad habits in moments of apathy. We all hide parts of who we are in moments of insecurity. We all have regrets. And that’s ok. But what have we learnt from them? At the very least, that we could have done something differently. We could have thought before we spoke or spoken out instead of standing silent. We could have pushed ourselves ourselves further or given ourselves some credit. We could have spent more time on someone else or more time pursuing ourselves. Our thoughts, words, actions all build our character. And if we’re learning from our mistakes, we’re still on track. Pay attention to who you’re becoming. The only person guaranteed to stay with you is you.


Thought of the Day: Giving Up


Sometimes there are times when we shouldn’t give up, especially those times when we are pursuing our dreams, no matter how hard we are working or how long it takes to get results. We shouldn’t give up on ourselves, because we have potential and we can let it shine through. But, what about those times that we spend endlessly trying to make a relationship work, or trying to keep a friendship from crumbling, or sticking to a job or course that gives us no satisfaction? Giving up shouldn’t always be viewed as a negative. Sometimes, it takes the strongest people to have the courage to give up on the things that aren’t making them happy. If relationships aren’t going anywhere, if our work isn’t making us happy, then we should find relationships and work that give us what we need. And this to relate to anything. We need to pursue what makes us happy and not waste energy on the things that don’t. We should feel confident about giving up on things so that we can find something else to fight for and to dedicate ourselves too. It’s ok to give up sometimes and it’s admirable to keep going other times, as long as either way, we are not giving up on ourselves.