Original Creative Writing: Fractured


She is as a quarry glass window

Naked, the pure white sunlight

Sets the pigmented panes ablaze

And settles in strands of blue, green

And red on the tiled floor, numbed.

Illuminated is all she represents,

Put on display only to be admired,

And bare of all privacy and authority,

She stands as a mere decoration

Of faith and promise not hers to give,

But for others to take from her until

Her source for being no longer exists.


She is as a quarry glass window

Smashed, the raptured panes of glass

Raw, the withered fractures fragile

As the unstable fragments drip off

With each fit of wind that blows,

And like an earthquake eruption

The cracks spring from its centre,

Leaving the lead lined structure

Stripped of everything within.

Broken, like a spider’s intricate web,

The pieces hang in the breeze, left

Until they’re torn away to start anew.


– C.E.

Copyright © 2014 C.E, themidnightstation.wordpress.com (‘Fractured’)


This post is a little bit different for me, and I wrote this poem a while ago, but I hope you enjoy!

(Please do not reprint without my permission, do not hesitate to ask)